A so far review of the mysterious WandaVision (The first two episodes)

A so far review of 2021’s WandaVision

Some spoilers up ahead

WandaVision is the start of marvels new show line up and thankfully it seems to be off to a good start WandaVision is a good mysterious show that seems to have many secrets revealed on the way.

The good

The first pro of WandaVision is easily it’s old style the show gives you a charming black and white style that really gives this show a nice feeling to it with it’s mix in of cute 2d animation it truly makes WandaVision feel like a show made in the 50s.

The next pro is the characters which are all very unique from each other, and how they all have there own interactions between both Wanda and Vision there are even some mysterious characters that will be revealed later on.

The final pro I’ll be talking about is the mystery behind this show there are so many mysterious hiding behind this show one example is at the ending of the episodes when we hear the voice of a mysterious man, and all these mysterious will be uncovered as we go on.

The bad

So far I can’t really think of any thing bad in WandaVision I think the show is easily off to a very good start.


I give WandaVision a 10/10 so far the show is charming and mysterious, and I can’t wait to continue it on.



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