Animal crossing new horizons review

Animal crossing new horizons is the continuation of the beloved animal crossing series, but does new horizons continue the good name Animal crossing holds.

The good

One of the biggest pros of the game is just how relaxing it is I truly feel that I escape the world I’m in whenever I play new horizons. Another pro of the game is the multiplayer whenever I play with friends in new horizons I never get bored since there are so many creative games to create in new horizons to play with friends. The final pro is the graphics new horizons has very cute and fun graphics that keep me entertained the whole time.

The bad

The first bad thing about new horizons is the villager dialogue to me the dialogue in this game feels so bland unlike the original games where the dialogue was actually fun to listen to. My next con is only one island per system it disappoints me how I can’t have multiple islands per system.

Final Verdict

I give new horizon a 9/10 while there are problems with the game it still carries the good name animal crossing has made for itself.



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