Don’t Spam My Comments with Your Shit!

It’s time to deter those time wasters who flood our comment sections with their drivel.

Ryan J


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A few days ago I published the piece ‘Maybe It’s Time We Question Writers and Their Bullshit Articles’ were I suggested we take a stand against those who post deceptive articles littered with false claims that mislead newbie writers and sell them false hope.

Well today I’d like to add to that piece by suggesting we also take a stand against spammers who consistently hit up our comment sections with links to their courses, schemes, scams and articles with no relevance to the topic being discussed.

Now, I have to admit, I’ve been lucky enough to have only had a handful of run-ins with these types. Though I did recently have someone try to sell me on their trading course by spamming a comment I left on another writer’s article — yea, nice try buddy!

However, I am aware that other writers here on Medium face this issue almost daily and it’s about time we all did something to help put a stop to it or at the very least, reduce its occurrence — as it’s unlikely we will ever eradicate such behaviours completely.

Again, — as mentioned in the previous piece — this is not a call to attack those who are genuinely trying to add value to the conversation by sharing helpful, relevant content in the comments section but it is a call for us all to start stepping up to those wasting our time and annoying us with their lazy attempts at self-promotion and spamming.

So, are you ready to do your bit to help deter these time wasters? To report those spamming our comments sections with their drivel and maybe even offer up a gentle reminder — something along the lines of, “Don’t spam my comments with your shit!” — to let them know we won’t stand for any more of their nonsense? I know I certainly am.

Let’s make Medium great again by doing what we can to show these trolls the door.

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