I Went To The Nintendo Store NYC In 2018 And Here Is What it was like

What the Nintendo store was like

Photo from Laura Peruchi

A description

On November 16th 2001 the Nintendo store in NYC opened and is not located anywhere else in the US which is what makes it feel so magical it really helps the store feel so special and gives an incredible type of magic to the store. So about 3 years ago I went to this store and I don’t regret it. Now yes I will admit one of the reasons I loved this store is because I’m already a huge Nintendo fan but this wasn’t the only reason. Walking into this store it felt magical so magical to the point I didn’t wanna leave. The store was beautiful, and modern they had thousands of incredible Nintendo items from iconic and well known characters to more new Nintendo characters it made it feel like a dream in real life. I went over the whole store top to bottom looking at all the incredible Clothing Items, Amibos, Plushies, and even more. It was like a place you didn’t want leave and the minute you exited you wanted to run right back in to take a smell of that fresh beautiful air of the store. Today I’m gonna take you through why I loved this store so much and why I recommend you go one day. (After covid of course)

Photo from Laura Peruchi

Already being a Nintendo fan

As someone who’s been a Nintendo fan for years now owning many Nintendo systems and games I was down to love this store. Thankfully this store was not disappointing at all with many beloved Nintendo characters inside I wanted to refuse to leave this store but sadly I had to. With the cute little features in the store such as Mario on a flag pole or the bowser breaking through a wall statue and much more. This made me so happy to see and it almost felt like it wasn’t real. It was a dream I always had that finally came true one day and I hope I’ll get to go again one day.

Photo from Merchant View 360

The items

One of the best parts of the Nintendo store was easily all the incredible items in the store. Some examples of this being the plushies, amibos, clothing, and even the video games. This is what made the store cause when you walk into a Nintendo store what are you gonna do? Most likely you’re gonna buy one the items wether it’s a plushie, game or clothing item you’re most likely gonna buy something and that’s what made this store so magical to me the fact that when I walked out I had something to help me remember this store and that’s what made me happy.

Photo from Yelp

The magic

One of the biggest reasons I loved this store was because if the magical feeling it had to it. Walking in all I could think to myself was is any of this real am I actually standing in this store the store I’ve been dreaming of? A store filled with all of my favorite Nintendo characters. It captures the magic that Nintendo has held for years.

My final say

In the end I loved this store so much and would give it a 10/10 I recommend this store to anyone who lives or is visiting NYC. (After covid of course)



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