Icarly 2021 So Far Review

The new Icarly is finally here and has proved to be better then excepted.

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For anyone who doesn’t know Icarly was a nickelodeon show the ended about 9 years ago the show was successful with it’s lovable characters, and fun stories and now 9 years later we were now given the Icarly reboot and when the show was first announced a lot of people were a little nervous seeing how most reboots today don’t really end up doing so well thankfully the show turned out to be really good so far with it’s more adult direction and a revisit to each character along side some new characters.

The plot

The show has us follow all the characters from the original show such as Carly, Spencer, and Freddie along side two new characters Harper Carlys friend and roommate and Millicent Freddie’s adopted daughter. We mainly follow Carly who is attempting to balance her love life and also going back to her internet personality but going back to her internet personality comes with many problems. All around while it’s not the most in depth plot there is it’s still a fun idea and does make up for some very fun stories each episode. The show also has things such as things going on in the more modern internet world which can be seen a lot in episode 3. While Carly herself does remain as the main focus each other character has their own stories to Spencer is now a famous artist, Freddie moving back in with his mom and dealing with his daughter Millicent, Harper Carly’s friend, and roommate who works at Skybucks, and Millicent who is trying to gain a big online personality. All around these plot points for each character can lead up to some really fun moments.

The characters

Just like the original show the characters are great so far Carly, Freddie, and Spencer are all able to carry over their charm from the original series and while adding the two new characters Millicent, and Harper could be a little risky seeing how they are new characters but thankfully they’re so far some of my favorite characters in the show so far. Like I mentioned each character has their own plots they carry on which can be built on more and more as we go on in the show. We also get a very special return from Danielle Morrow who plays Nora and seems to appear mainly in the second episode Ihate Carly. With this appearance has me wonder if we will be seeing more appearances from characters such as Nevel and more. We also got a quick story on Sam who has joined a biker gang.

The more adult spin

Unlike the original Icarly this show seems to be taking a more adult spin with things such as drinking, cussing, and more this show knows who its audience is people who grew up with the original show and are now adults. Honestly I was at first a little worried about this part just wondering how it will go but when I watched the show the adult jokes were actually way more funny then excepted and so far I honestly like the more adult take at this show. However the show does still incorporates kid jokes.

One little problem

While the show has many amazing moments to it there is one little problem I noticed and that was the show can feel a little boring at times when it comes to the writing which honestly had many moments I felt weren’t really that funny and all around just left me bored while watching the show. This is not to say all the writing was bad it definitely was able to offer up some really fun and funny moments but in certain moments all it did was just fall flat.


All around I’m going to give the show a 9/10 while I do believe the writing can fall flat at times I all around felt that the show offered up many great characters that give a huge load of nostalgia, Fun plots, and a really adult spin on the show and honestly I can’t wait to see where the rest of the show leads to.



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