Is It Time to Give the Self-Help Articles a Rest?

And look to explore other genres of writing instead.

Ryan J


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

As I was lying on the couch aimlessly scrolling through the hundreds of drafts/writing ideas that are saved on my phone, looking for something to spark my interest and actually motivate me to write, I experienced a sudden epiphany.

You see, pretty much from the day I began writing blog posts, a few years ago, my main topic of interest has been based in and around the self-improvement and self-help genres.

I enjoy these pieces.

As well as hopefully providing some sort of motivation and inspiration to the few readers that I attract with my writing, creating these pieces also helps me to clear my mind, make sense of my thoughts and give me a better idea of how best to work towards achieving my various goals in life.

They act as a kind of free therapy for me at times.

But it’s now 2020, the self-help industry has been going strong for many years and I feel we may have reached a point where there really is nothing new to be said on the subject.

Even as I write own little articles, pieces that derive from my own personal experiences and day to day life, I feel the lessons that I learn, and that I hope to pass on to the readers, revolve around the same few basic principles each time.

A positive mindset, putting in the work and never giving up.

I mean, how many variations of the same basic message can you sculpt before you start to get bored of your own work and begin to seek out something new?

(Turns out to be quite a few actually, but enough is enough.)

So, as I plan on moving forward and continuing with this, my writing journey, the aim is to move away from the offering up of life advice based on my own personal experiences and instead focus more on just sharing the stories.

And if the tales happen to be inspiring or motivating to the reader in any way then I’ve no doubt in my mind that they are smart enough to take what they need from the piece and put it to use in their own lives, without having to be told.

I feel that it’s time once again to practice the art of storytelling and to leave the preaching to the professionals.

Thanks for reading! :)



Ryan J

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