Luca 2021 review (spoiler warning)

Pixar has finally released their new film Luca, and the film turned out to be way better than I thought it would be.

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Luca is the most recent Pixar movie to release if you don’t the film is about a sea monster who finally gets to experience the new world along the way he makes two new friends and goes to complete in a competition but faces one problem if he touches water it will expose he is a sea monster. The plot may not sound like a lot when you first read it, but in the end, the film is so much better than it sounds with beautiful animations, incredible characters, a fun plot, and many funny moments that make Luca one of Pixar’s best films so far and now I wanna take you through all the amazing things about the film.

The animation

Whether the film takes you under or above the water, Luca is stunning from the character models, beautiful islands/town, or even the transitions from sea monster to human from entering and exiting the water. No matter what part you’re looking at, the animation is stunning throughout.

The characters

With fun interactions and heartfelt moments, the characters make this film as great as it is. First, I just wanna talk about the interactions, especially the interactions between the characters Luca, Alberto, and Giulia. These characters offer up some of the best interactions in the film, but it’s not just these characters Luca and his family also offer up some great fun and heartfelt interactions. This gets me into my next point on the characters’ heartfelt interactions, especially at the end, which made me start to tear up, making me wish these characters could stay together forever. If I did have to say I believe the best interactions were between Luca and Alberto, every time these characters were together on screen, they would always have fun interactions, whether exploring the town together or trying to hide their sea monster identities.

The plot

While the plot of Luca, as I mentioned before, may not seem like much, Lucas’s plot is was way more fun which again came from how the characters connected and mixed in with a good lesson. Lucas’s plot is powerful and exciting. We got to meet more characters who made it even better that add some very interesting plot points throughout the plot. However, in my opinion, the best thing in the plot is the competition during the competition it brings on many anxiously amazing moments, for example, this is the part where Luca reveals he is a sea monster which leads up to an amazingly heartfelt moment with people accepting Luca and all the other sea monsters for who they are and learning that no matter what they’re still people too and learn not to shame and get rid of them I love how the plot seems so simple yet so powerful at the same time.

The humor

Luca offers amazing humor from all of its characters, whether it’s from Luca and Alberto trying to hide their identities, the cat constantly attacking them, or the parents searching for Luca. The film offers up amazing humor that sadly also seems to fall at times, with some of the humor just no sticking that well as I was hoping. Sadly, they never really ended up being that funny, but all around the film can still be extremely funny even while some of the jokes do fall flat here and there.


At first, when I saw the trailer for Luca, I wasn’t expecting much from the film. Likewise, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but in the end, it turned out to be one of my favorite Pixar films, and I have no choice but to give Luca a 9/10.



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