Maybe It’s Time We Question Writers and Their Bullshit Articles?

Let’s stop giving tacit approval to these jokers as they sell a false sense of hope.

Ryan J


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‘How to Gain 10,000 Followers in a Month’
‘How to Make Thousands Through Writing’
‘How to Write Articles That Never Fail’

We’ve all seen the articles littered throughout our newsfeeds. Claims of quick success that is easy to achieve and can be done by anyone.

Sounds like a dream come true.

The only thing is almost all of these articles are full of shit and have been created by people with fuck all experience or credentials. Which by now, most of us already know and it’s the reason we tend to stay clear of such tripe.

However, there are some naive writers out there who get sucked into the hype — particularly newbies — and get taken for a ride by these con artists who are trying to make a quick buck with their clickbait titles and bullshit claims and it’s simply not fair.

So, isn’t it about time that those of us with a little more experience stand up for the little guy and begin to question such writers and their bullshit articles?

Isn’t it about time we unite against these fraudsters and demand they show us proof of their results instead of allowing them to bamboozle unsuspecting writers?

Now, this isn’t a call for an all-out attack on shite talking wannabe gurus or an incentive to go on a witch hunt for pish pushing scammers. And it certainly isn’t an excuse for aggressive, bully like behaviours. But it is a call for us to weed out these chancers, hold them accountable for their claims and protect those who have yet to gain enough experience to tell the difference between real advice and the bollocks we sometimes see online.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to step up, do your part for those who follow in your footsteps and help pave a path to honest writing advice for the newbies? Or will you stand idly by, silent, giving tacit approval to these jokers as they run amok leading others astray and selling a false sense of hope?

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