Nobody Gives a Shit What You Earned Last Month

Change the record and tell us a new story.

Ryan J


Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

That’s all I see when these ‘How I Went From $X to $XXX’ articles appear on my newsfeed.

“Pay attention to me! Love me! Tell me how good I am! Admire me! Be jealous of me!”

Fuck off! No one cares.

Well, that’s not strictly true because people are nosey. People suffer from FOMO. People want to taste the ‘secret’ sauce and hope to replicate its success. I know this because I feel the same way too. At least, I used to. But not anymore.

Now I want something more from my reading experience. Something fun. Exciting. Interesting. Amusing. Educational. Anything but how the fuck to earn a few extra dollars each month. Come back to me when you learn how to consistently earn five figures per month and have a foolproof plan, then maybe I’ll pay attention again — yes, I know I could just mute the writers who produce these pieces but some of them are actually good at what they do and I enjoy their other stuff. It's just these show-off pieces that get to me.

So, as the month comes to an end and we prepare to receive whatever ‘riches’ the Medium Gods bestow upon us, think about how you want to begin the weeks to come. Because if it’s talking, once again, about how much you’ve just banked through writing, then maybe it’s time to change the record.

Instead, give your readers something new to enjoy. Share your life stories. Thoughts, feelings and experiences. Let us learn about the real you and not just the person who earned a few bucks more than us.

Do that and you have my support (for what it’s worth).

Thanks for reading.



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