Pokemon sword and shield vs Pokemon lets go by Game/Movie talk

Pokemon sword and shield, and Pokemon let’s go are the two big Pokemon games on the switch, and while the games are similar in some ways there are major differences between the 2, and today we’ll being seeing which one is the better game.

Pokemon let’s go

Pokemon let’s go was released in the year of 2018, and was easily one of the most controversial games when showed off. The game was met with harsh criticism from the Pokemon community. Some of the problems the game faced was it was to easy, and no more wild Pokemon battles, but when the game came out it was actually way better than expected. The game was also to sell over 10 million copies world wide. Some of the pros of the game were the graphics which while weren’t the they were still very pleasing to the eye. The next pro is the games were remakes of gen 1 which brings back so much memories from those past games. Another pro of the game is the animations which were actually pretty good, and exciting to watch. The only cons I can really think of are how they removed wild battles, and that the game is way to easy now.

Pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon sword and shield were released in 2019, and is what I regard as the most controversial Pokemon game to date. The game took out a bunch of Pokemon, and was also accused of being extremely lazy. Game freak even lied about somethings in the game such as their high quality animations, but in the end the animations were very lazy. There is some good that came with this game, and the first good thing came in the game was the new Pokemon which were all really fun to discover. The next pro is the gym battles which were are all fun, and unique. Other Pokemon sword and shield was just not that good.

The winner

The winner of this is Pokemon let’s go the game wins because unlike sword and shield the game never felt lazy, and that there was effort put into this game, and this is why Pokemon lets go is the winner.



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