Ranking The Disney Live Actions From Worst To Best

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Over the years Disney has seen a trend with remaking their old classics to live-action and today I will be ranking them from worst to best. (This will only include live actions I’ve watched so sadly films like Cruella will not be added.)

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#5 Lion king 2019

Rotten tomatoes score: 52% critics 88% audience

Personal score: 5/10

The lion king 2019 was one of the most anticipated Disney live actions but sadly when the film came out it was met with mixed reviews and all around I found myself not enjoying the film. The film felt lifeless which may have mostly come from the blank expressions and depressing land the movie built. With this, the movie felt boring and just meh the whole time. The compliment I will give this movie is just how pretty and realistic it looks but sadly it still led to one of the major flaws in the film.

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#4 Maleficent 2014

Rotten Tomatoes score: Critics: 54% Audience: 70%

Personal score: 6/10

The tagline “Don’t believe the fairy tale” can bring in a very interesting movie but sadly it proves to be the biggest thing against the movie. The reason is that the movie makes Maleficent who is supposed to be ruthless into an evil character at first but then seems to turn her into the protagonist. When you do look past it the rest of the movie proves to be good amazing performances from each actor and beautiful scenery but all-around maleficent still faces its main serious problem of telling people “Don’t believe the fairy tale.”

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#3 Beauty and the beast 2017

Rotten Tomatoes score: Critics: 71% Audience: 80%

Personal score: 8/10

2017’s beauty and the beast was one of my favorite live actions Disney had to offer the film proved to have amazing performances, beautiful CGI and set and designs were top notch. Sadly the film faces the problems of some lifeless CGI characters and some changes that removed some of the purposes from the original animated film.

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#2 Cinderella 2015

Rotten Tomatoes score: critics 83% audiences 78%

Personal score: 8/10

2015’s cinderella proved to be an incredible live-action from Disney the film had incredible performances, costume designs, set designs, and beautiful singing from Lily James who played cinderella, and even some funny moments here and there. Sadly the movie can prove to be boring at times but when you look past that the rest of the film is amazing.

Photo from Aladdin (2019)

#1 Aladdin 2019

Rotten Tomatoes score: critics: 57% Audience: 94%

Personal score: 9/10

2019’s Aladdin proved to be my favorite live-action so far the film ended up exceeding my expectations with amazing costume and scene design, great acting, and some great characters the film was great. The problem comes with the character Jafar and Iago who both proved to be nowhere near as great as their animated counterparts but all around Aladdin proved to be my favorite live-action from Disney so far.



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