The Problem With Whitewashing In Film

The big problem with whitewashing in film

Photo from Colorlines

Whitewashing has been something that has been around for years in the film industry. If you don’t know what whitewashing is, it’s basically when a white actor is cast as a non-white character. Many movies have done this before, such as the movie in the picture above the last air bender. Whitewashing has always had severe problems. One example is how it takes away any representation for people of color since they replaced the character with a white actor. Another example of this is the movie ghost in a shell, which saw Scarlett Johansson playing a non-white character. Movies have gained so much backlash from this, with some even flopping at the box office, but today I’m going to be telling you the main problems with whitewashing.

Loss of representation

The film industry has gained loads of backlash before due to a lack of representation in the industry. With white actors continuously being casted whitewashing takes away any picture POC could get. POC actors looking for a role in a film have that opportunity taken away from them because of whitewashing. Some actors have even faced a backlash from whitewashing. An example of this is Scarlet Johansson, who faced backlash for a role in a movie titled ghost in a shell, which saw her playing as a character who is not white. Representation in the industry has gone down, and sadly, from what we’re seeing may never go up.

Bad news for the movie

Some bad news for the film and whitewashing has caused films to bomb at the box office. An excellent example of this is a ghost in a shell, which had a budget of 110 million dollars and made an estimated $18.6 million on its opening weekend. As you can see, whitewashing in a film could not only lead to a box office bomb but also a bunch of controversy following it.

My final say

Whitewashing will sadly continue in the film industry for a while, but I hope one day we can see an end put to this and finally get POC more movie representation.

Thank you for reading. :)



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