Video Games Aren’t The Villain

Video games aren’t the villain.

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Video games aren’t as bad as the media make them out to be

Throughout the times, we’ve continuously heard that video games are a villain to society, but this isn’t authentic video games are not villains; they can be perfect for people. I’m going to take you through why.

Why video games are actually good for you

Studies have shown that video games do make you smarter some video games teach you things like greek mythology. An excellent example of this is the god of war series, which teaches you all about the ancient Greek gods.

Video games can also teach you life lessons such as never give up, and we must all stand together, and if we don’t, we fall. It helps guide you in studies you never knew.

Another reason video games are right for you is that video games can help you relax. I’ll admit while not every video game is relaxing, and there are still many games like animal crossing, which can be very comfortable.

My final say in this

My final say in all of this is that video games are not what the media makes them be. They are not these evil things that make you violent, but rather something that can be good for you.



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