What Made Persona 5 So Good

What made persona 5 such a good game

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Persona 5 by many has been regarded as the best persona game in the series so far, and, understandably, the game is filled with so much content that was fun throughout the whole game. The game also scored a 93 on meteoritic and sold around 3 million copies worldwide. What made this game so good well, that’s what I’ll be taking you through today.

1: The characters

The first great thing about persona 5 is the characters, which were all very fun and unique, with each of them having their personality and different interactions when hanging out with them. The name also gets their unique personas, making the game even more fun as each persona has its unique designs.

2: The length of the game

The main story of persona 5 is around 97 hours long, and with all the extra content, the game is easily over 100 hours long, and thankfully, the game’s content is delightful with enjoyable interactions with all the characters the games endless content never left me bored.

3: The combat

The last great thing about persona 5 I’ll be talking about is the game’s combat, and since the game is an RPG, it requires a heavy strategy to walk out of a battle successfully. The war also has so many different mechanics in combat that makes it even more enjoyable to play.

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My final say

All around, persona 5 is a great game filled with great characters and mechanics, and I can’t wait to see where they take the series in the future and what they improve on.



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