Why animal crossing amiibo festival failed while happy home designer succeded

In 2015 animal crossing amiibo festival was released, and was met with a huge negative reactions from fans while happy home designer was met with a positive reaction from fans so what caused both game to get such a diffrent reaction.

Amibo festival

Animal crossing amiibo festival is regarded as the worst game in the series not only review wise, but also sales wise with the game only selling 26,325 copies in japan. The game was also known for being very boring, and if you wanted to play the game an amiibo was required. some review scores from this game were 46% on metacritic, 5/10 from IGN. Many players of the series just wanted a traditional animal crossing game sadly we got amiibo festival in the end.

Happy home designer

This game was met with a way better response not only review wise, but also sales with the game alone in japan surpassing 1.48 million copies a huge step up from amiibo festival. The game was regarded as fun, and light hearted some review scores being 66% from metacritic, 8/10 IGN. While players agreed this game had serious flaws it was still known as a very fun animal crossing spin off.



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